I have always loved movies and videos. Then I realized that making films and videos is at least as great an experience, and this realization marked the path for me.

During my first step, when I joined the crew of a big-budget film, I was fascinated by the variety of people who work together to end up nurturing the ancient tradition of storytelling with their own tools. Over the years, I have dabbled in almost every aspect of the motion picture world, from marketing to production, to find my role on the creative side of this undoubtedly colorful, but sometimes monochrome world.

Because at one point I also wanted to show the world through my eyes, so I started editing music videos, then directing them, and since it went well, I later learned the secrets of animation production, so that now I can also make videos even with artificial intelligence. I am a curious person and this curiosity drives me 'to make the invisible visible'.